Smashing Cakes + Contemplating Life...

It hit me while I was editing this family's photos, that I too am celebrating this sweet boy's life! I took Joy's maternity photos while she was pregnant with Jack, and then I photographed Jack as a newborn, and NOW his ONE YEAR smash cake/family photos!

Sit there and consider that for a moment...I have documented and witnessed the beauty and incredible growth of this sweet boy over the course of a year! I LOVE that. I love reminiscing about the age "so-and-so" was when I took the first snap of them, and then being pulled back into the moment today and seeing who they are NOW. What a gift time and growth can be.

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY JACK! May this next year be one full of adventure and merriment as you continue to grow, learn, and be loved by your family and friends!