Recent Family Snaps...

So here are some snaps from this past month!

My beautiful mom

My sister playing her guitar, she shared with me that when she was little, 
hearing me play with such passion encouraged her to do the same! 

Joel Copper, the wonder pup!


Us and the Cabazon Dinos!

Dada, go get Henry!

Henry the brave!

Dino 1

Dino 2

The boys doing what they do best---climbing dino feet

Climbing continued...


Cousins celebrating James' birthday, eating cupcakes at 10am!

Father + Son, The Bobby's


These babes are ready for a wedding!


Don't they look so excited?!


Some of us weren't sure where to look, mostly because we were so excited about giraffes being feet away from our faces!

Henry and some tusks :)

I am in love with this kid's hair, but for real.

Okay, I promise I didn't pose him. He said,"Mama, come here! FUNNY! Ahhhh!" PURE GOLD.



He takes his ice cream very seriously. 


Okay okay, there's sort of a grin here. So maybe not that seriously?

Happy birthday my sweet baby James! I am so happy to be your mama!


Where have I been? Well, I've been to the grocery store, Target, Wal-Mart, doing laundry, washing a never-ending amount of dishes in the sink (one day we'll have a dishwasher), playing with a chubby bunny named James, walking Teddy, and spending time with my handsome Mitchell. Oh, and Arizona!

This Thanksgiving was so much fun! We weren't too sure how James was going to do with the 5+ hour car drive thru the desert, but he did so so good! He played Fisher-price games and watched "UP!"on the iPad which helped a bit. All in all, it was a pretty good drive to and from Arizona.

While we were there I was able to see my immediate family, which was amazing since half of them live in Florida. It was sooo great seeing all of them in the same week, not to mention the fact James got see some family he hasn't seen since he was born.
the men.

We spent Thanksgiving at my dad's house, which was nice because I also saw some of my step-siblings and their families. It's crazy how big their kids are! James had turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, bread, + pumpkin pie! He didn't care for the turkey too much, but he sure did love that pie!
where'd that pie go?

Seriously, where's the pie?

Confession, I went "Black Friday" shopping with my brother at Toys-R-Us. We got a few good deals

On Friday we woke up and took a stroll in Old Town Scottsdale, only a few blocks from our hotel room. We enjoyed a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and bought some baby Minnetonka's for James. We made a snap decision to take a drive up to Montezuma's Castle + Sedona as we walked back to the hotel room. The drive up was about 1.5 hours, not too bad, and totally worth it!
crooked/timed photo op! (we lost the camera after this was taken. So on Saturday before we checked out of the hotel, I called the shop where we bought James' moccasins, and they had it! The shop was called "Lucky Goods + Jewelry", ha!)

"Southern Sinagua farmers began building this five-story, 20-room dwelling early in the 1100s CE. It stands in a cliff recess 100 feet above the valley. Early settlers marveled at the structure and assumed that it was Aztec in origin, hence the name Montezuma Castle."
-National Park Service U.S. Dept. of the Interior

A little fist pump for Montezuma's Castle!

This tree was beautiful! The photo does no justice...

leaves + blue sky!

Mitch, James + javelinas!

James wasn't sure about this guy...

Sedona is so gorgeous. Red rock = wow! 

On Friday night we made our way back to Scottsdale and had dinner at Grimaldi's Pizzeria. It was delicious. That's all. Just delicious. And James LOVED it too, which was a bonus. We met the owners too! They just so happened to be visiting from New York City! 
No cheerios! I want pizza mama!

Howdy y'all!

On Saturday we got ready to come back home, but we stopped by my dad's to have lunch (Pete's Fish + Chips til we diiiieeeee!) and say adios, until next time!
James + tata Bob

On Sunday my mom + sister stayed the night at our place. They had to drive back to Arizona to return their rental car & catch their flight to Florida. It was so nice having them over for a night/morning.
Nana + James

James + aunt Moriah

And now, bring on the Christmas everything!

Family & road trips are...

the BEST.

Other things that are the best...

a Starbucks breakfast right before a road trip, traveling through the desert on a rainy day (the smell of wet earth is glorious), singing along to Feist with my husband, having dinner with my aunt & uncle, walking 2 pups named Teddy & June, waking up in the bedroom where I played dolls as a young girl, having breakfast with my dad and step mom, kisses from my nephew, going to the mall and seeing the Superstition Mountains in the background (truly beautiful), shopping with my husband, Filiberto's taquitos, photographing my brothers family, hearing my niece say "Tia Ana & Uncle Mitch", hugs from my youngest brother, seeing my nana and tata twice in one week, being thankful and blessed for all of the above.


has a special place in my heart.

My nephew, Baby Bobby IV, gave me a kiss within minutes of picking him up! Last time I saw this little  guy he was only 2 months old, now he's giving kisses! 

And my niece Addison? Well, she is just a doll. So sweet & tiny, she makes hearts melt...

We (Nina, Mom, Andre, Addison, Mitch & I) all went out to eat at  The Old Spaghetti Factory in Downtown Phoenix, a place we have gone since I can remember!

We also went to The Heard Museum. Check out these kachinas! 

We also went to visit my Dad & little brother Marcos. Dad suggested we get some Mexican food...nothing like good ol' Filiberto's!

 And we even spent some time at my brother Bobby's job- AIRWORX! Ever played dodge ball on a trampoline? Well here you can! So much fun, you leave with beet colored faces! 

Even though I miss my family like crazy, the days we share are the best & full of laughter and love.