Franco Family Maternity Session...

I am beyond the moon excited for our sweet pals Brandon + Amanda and their precious Hannah who is due next month and I can't express how honored I was to photograph their maternity session! 

Mitch and I have known Brandon for about 15 years, and we met Amanda when they became an item back in the day (Not sure the exact number. 8 years?? Longer? Haven't you been together forever already?!)...

So when Amanda shot me an email a few months back asking if I'd photograph them, I was like: "FO' SHO!". Their session was in the cutest college town in the I.E, the city of Claremont.  Brandon and Amanda had dates in the same area and have shared some incredibly special moments together there. It was in Claremont where Brandon proposed to Amanda years ago...and recently it's where Amanda shared with Brandon that she was pregnant with Hannah. And so it was incredibly fitting and PERFECT for their maternity session to be shot in the same area! I even asked Brandon to pray over Hannah while I snapped a few photos as they sat on the same bench where these things took place, and I was so overwhelmed with the fairytale/bliss and blessed moments that they've shared together there that it made me TEAR UP while I snapped away. That's some solid LOVE and LIFE giving stuff, you guys. 

And so to our dear friends Brandon + Amanda, we will continue to keep you three in our prayers, and we are ALWAYS here to laugh and cry with you along the way! Thank you for your friendships and we can't wait for you to experience the blessing of having a child of your own and the beauty of parenting a tiny soul! It's honestly the best gig on this side of heaven. Welcome to the "GOODBYE TO SLEEPING IN" Club! We welcome you with open arms! 

Lots of love, Ana :)

Juan + Kim's Corona Del Mar Session...

A few weeks ago I photographed Juan + Kim at Corona Del are a few of my FAVE snaps! Thanks again for asking me to photograph y'all, and CONGRATULATIONS Kim on graduating from UCI!

ps-if you're not in the mood to HUG somebody or watch a romantic movie after you look at these photos, then you're a robot! Just so you know.