Recent Family Snaps...

So here are some snaps from this past month!

My beautiful mom

My sister playing her guitar, she shared with me that when she was little, 
hearing me play with such passion encouraged her to do the same! 

Joel Copper, the wonder pup!


Us and the Cabazon Dinos!

Dada, go get Henry!

Henry the brave!

Dino 1

Dino 2

The boys doing what they do best---climbing dino feet

Climbing continued...


Cousins celebrating James' birthday, eating cupcakes at 10am!

Father + Son, The Bobby's


These babes are ready for a wedding!


Don't they look so excited?!


Some of us weren't sure where to look, mostly because we were so excited about giraffes being feet away from our faces!

Henry and some tusks :)

I am in love with this kid's hair, but for real.

Okay, I promise I didn't pose him. He said,"Mama, come here! FUNNY! Ahhhh!" PURE GOLD.



He takes his ice cream very seriously. 


Okay okay, there's sort of a grin here. So maybe not that seriously?

Happy birthday my sweet baby James! I am so happy to be your mama!

Irvine Regional Park...

A few weeks ago we took a little drive to the Irvine Regional Park. Someone from church told Mitch that there was a little train that went around the park, so we HAD to take James to check it out! Have I mentioned how much this kid loves locomotives???

There is a $5 parking/entrance fee, $3 on the weekdays and $7 on holidays, but it is totally worth the trip!

You can check out the train ride info here.

There's also a zoo! And wild peacocks that roam around. I've decided that they sound a lot like Kevin from "UP". This was technically James' first trip to a zoo (other than Sea World) and he had a great time! We saw owls, coyotes, a black bear, mountain lions, and bald eagles! BALD EAGLES, YOU GUYS!  It was so much fun! And admission is only $2 per person, but kids 2 and younger are free! SCORE!

Here are a few photos from our day trip to the park. Enjoy!

James patted the seat for me to get on, it made my heart so happy he wanted me with him too. 
I might have gotten a little choked up...

Conductor James!


He didn't care for the petting zoo, but he did want to watch from afar. 

J earned a patch after mom + dad "helped" him complete a zoo quiz about the animals!

35-36 weeks pregnant and still keeping up with my toddler boy! ***Booya!***